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  1. Hi Cathy

    Kindle books give the best output when you upload a .Mobi file. This is one of the files I create for you from the word document that you send to me. Some people upload doc files straight to Amazon, but this often creates several formatting errors.

    ePub files are for uploading to other outlets, such as Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore etc.

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please get in touch at ras.ashcroft@gmail.com

    (Posted on 2012-03-22 23:01:00 by )
  2. Hi, I saw your comments/ad on the writers cafe. This will be my first Kindle Single at 6500 words. I'm a newbie but I thought Kindle required a .doc file to be downloaded to them and you mentioned epub file. I'm sure I'm just confused.

    (Posted on 2012-03-21 19:35:00 by )
  3. Hi Monica.
    1. Yes, you would send the artwork + the manuscript in Word format to me.
    2. Current turnaround time is between 1-3 days
    3. The word limit for books is 25,000 words, for which the cost is $4.99.
    4. I do not design covers, but if you send it to me, I can embed it in the book.
    5. Yes, your ISBN number will also be embedded into the book.
    For more information and submitting your work, you can get in touch by emailing me at ras.ashcroft@gmail.com

    (Posted on 2012-03-06 22:21:00 by )
  4. I have a few kids books, they have photos- So do I just supply the art work and words to you? What will be the turn around time? They are 22- 30 pages of kids stuff. I also have another set of books- more pages- What is the limit of pages and what is the cost? Will u add cover and add our ISBN Numbers?

    (Posted on 2012-03-05 03:55:00 by )
  5. Hi Ras, n wher are you based? UK or elsewhere..
    I need some one to help confirm my docs to ebook. can you help.

    (Posted on 2012-03-01 16:13:00 by )
  6. Test: Please use this space to leave comments, testimonials and suggestions. Thanks!

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